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#1 Lease abstraction software powered by Artificial Intelligence


Lease abstraction is a tedious and time-consuming task. Even the most experienced lease abstractors can make costly mistakes when trying to save time and ward off boredom. Computers, however, do not get tired, distracted and make mistakes regardless of the sheer size of legal documents. That is why lnteLease can help you abstract your leases quicker, and more reliably.



Our system utilizes various machine learning models including deep learning to comprehend and evaluate unstructured data that could be applied to any lease format. InteLease’s accuracy grows overtime as it learns from your abstraction patterns and behavior.


Create your own abstraction forms from a library of 300+ lease specific provisions. You can also create multiple forms for different purposes.


Streamline the abstraction review process with workflows and tasks by sharing and collaborating on your leases with your teammates. New addendums and renewals can be included by adding the new file to an already existing abstract, creating a new and different form with ease without repeating the process.


Have complete access to all of your leases and files on your device anytime and anywhere with internet access.


Upload LeasesPDF or DOC

Upload individual leases or entire portfolios. We offer free document transfer and management for enterprise customers.

Define your abstract

Select the provisions Create your abstraction document from our list of pre-trained provisions. Don’t see your required provisions on the list? Simply add your provisions and the system will learn.

Complete The Abstract

Review and approve the suggested abstracted values and make your final adjustments to complete the abstract.

Save Or DownloadPDF or Excel

Save your abstract or download it as a PDF or excel files. You can also push your abstract data directly to your lease administration or accounting software via API integration.

CONSISTENT RESULTSInteLease never gets tired or distracted, no matter how tedious the task.

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITYSpend less time reading through leases and more time focusing on critical tasks.

LOWER ABSTRACTION COSTOur users report an average of over 70%-80% savings on lease abstraction.

EXPEDITED PROCESSAbstract up to 6 times more leases in the same period.

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