Designed and built for lease administration teams, InteLease reduces the time and cost associated with lease abstraction by up to 80%

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The best lease abstraction platform designed exclusively for the commercial real estate industry

Spend more time focusing on the important decisions by allowing InteLease to quickly identify, summarize and standardize the key data within your commercial real estate lease documents.

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Improve accuracy over time as InteLease learns from your abstraction patterns and behaviour.


Ensure a smooth process by defining automated review steps using our workflow feature.


Eliminate the need for excel with calculators specifically built for lease abstraction.


Easily export your data or integrate with lease administration, property management or accounting software using our API.

Taking it to the next level

Browser or Desktop

For your convenience, InteLease is now available as a browser or desktop application with improved user experience and review time.


Leave the quality control to us by outsourcing your lease abstraction process to our professional services team.

InteLease + Box

Access your lease abstracts within the Box environment.

Ready to see how you can streamline your lease abstraction?