Announcing partnership with GoAutomate

We are pleased to announce the strategic partnership with GoAutomate. This allows GoAutomate to utilize ADEx’s novel document data extraction models along with its advanced capabilities that ensure efficient automation of the legal and financial documents. GoAutomate, a leading business automation platform, aims to enhance the users’ experience by making single document extraction more efficient through end-to-end automation of the processes. Switching to automation may feel like a huge mountain to climb. The partnership between ADEx and GoAutomate will help businesses achieve the greatest efficiencies in their business processes.

ADEx has been transforming the way people interact with legal and financial documents. As part of the partnership, the ADEx document extraction models are now available with the GoAutomate packages. Using the combined capabilities, GoAutomate clients will be able to have bespoke automation frameworks, and automated performance, functional, security & API testing, backed by the innate capabilities of ADEx’s proprietary Intelligence Context Engine for documents, data management, and collaboration.

How does it work?

ADEx is a next-generation contract review platform powered by artificial intelligence. ADEx uses artificial intelligence to analyze legal documents to help you extract the information you need efficiently and accurately. It provides an intuitive user interface for reviewing your documents, but behind its user-friendly frontend lies a powerful backend engine. It utilizes deep learning models to learn from a large corpus of existing legal documents. It also incorporates individual users’ behavior in real-time AI models, so the document review process dynamically adapts and conforms to their needs.

The partnership between ADEx and GoAutomate will help users to have a speedy, intuitive framework tailored exactly for their contract and document review application processes based on your needs. Leveraging the AI and machine learning technology, the users could identify every section on a page and transform them into dynamic, interactive elements. The key to this transformation is ADEx’s experience in the real estate industry and the GoAutomate’s ability to understand contract review processes.

Through the ADEx and GoAutomate partnership and integration, your business can realize:
  • Review software and analytics engine to get more work done in a fraction of the time.
  • Accelerate the due diligence process with pinpoint accuracy,
  • Greater process efficiency
  • Enhanced rules-based processes
  • End-to-end AI-driven process automation

The ADEx and GoAutomate integration combines contract review & document extraction technology with AI-based automation to deliver intelligent process automation. At its core, the integration combines fundamental process redesign with document extraction models and Process Automation and machine learning. This will lead to business process improvements, saving businesses from repetitive and mundane tasks and processes, and letting their teams focus on core competencies including customer experience and technical support services.

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