Is the Restaurant Industry Poised to Change with Robotics?

Miso Robotics, an innovative leader in robotics and artificial intelligence solutions, recently revealed that it had secured approximately $3.1-million in funding from Acacia Research Corp., Match Robotics VC, and undisclosed strategic investors. According to a prepared statement, Miso will use the funding to deliver ‘Flippy,’ its first commercial product, an adaptable AI-driven robotic kitchen assistant that will work alongside kitchen staff to improve operational efficiency for the restaurant industry.

The first installation of Flippy will be in CaliBurger’s Los Angeles area location. The investment in Miso represents Acacia’s second investment in companies seeking to transform the marketplace through Artificial Intelligence.

According to the prepared statement, Miso also recently entered into an IP services agreement with Acacia Research to drive AI-based solutions for the entire restaurant industry. “Acacia’s expertise in intellectual property and its leadership in the emerging AI space will help Miso achieve our vision of bringing innovative technology to the often-overlooked restaurant industry,” said David Zito, co-founder and CEO of Miso Robotics.

Zito continued, “Miso is transforming the restaurant industry and we will continue to grow our team of roboticists and AI experts, deepening our collaborative ties with the Caltech community and deliver our adaptable AI-solutions for our first restaurant customers. We are excited about the impact Miso’s AI-based solutions will have for the restaurant industry.”

Acacia Research President Rob Stewart commented, “We’re impressed with Miso’ s talented team of industry veterans and their category-leading AI technology that makes them well positioned to take advantage of the considerable market opportunity in the restaurant industry.”

Miso Robotics received worldwide attention following the debut of its AI-driven robotic kitchen assistant that will work alongside kitchen staff to grill burgers, starting with CaliBurger restaurants. While artificial intelligence is being successfully tested and employed to drive cars, manage the home and message with customers, Miso Robotics is bringing robotics and AI into the kitchen in a meaningful way.

Miso Robotics plans to roll out its AI-driven robotic kitchen assistant in early 2018 and expand to more than 50 CaliBurger restaurants worldwide by the end of 2019.

But how robotics can continue to revolutionize the restaurant and prepared food industry is just breaking the surface. It can eventually lead to decreased kitchen square footage in restaurant retail spaces. In addition, it will help enable restaurants to increase labor productivity, reduce costs and drive profitability while improving the overall dining experience, according to a prepared statement.

Miso employs a respected team of roboticists, engineers and industrial designers from Caltech, Cornell, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Art Center and UNC Chapel Hill.