Federal Realty To Offer Pop-Up Space Opportunities To Entrepreneurs Across Its Portfolio

Federal Realty Investment Trust recently revealed an exclusive partnership with Campus Scout, a New York-based recruiting and career coaching firm that focuses primarily on recent college and university graduates and women entrepreneurs across the country. The partnership will match Federal Realty’s well-positioned real estate with new or emerging talent that is looking to launch a new product, test main street retail, or learn more about the marketability of a new concept.

“We sought out Federal Realty because we found that a considerable percentage of Millennials and Generation Z talent is not looking to follow their parents’ path with a 9 to 5 job, sitting behind a desk hunched over a computer, but rather have harnessed their inner entrepreneur, developed something special, and want to build their own business. They just need help taking the first step into the physical retail space,” said Lynn Zuckerman Gray, Founder and CEO of Campus Scout LLC. “Federal Realty’s prime locations, success stories with pop-up retail, and out-of-the-box thinking is a perfect match for us and the talent we work with.”

The formula is simple, according to a prepared statement. Campus Scout works with recent graduates or other partner network applicants. When there is a need for physical retail or pop-up space, promotional launch event or property support in some way, Campus Scout connects their applicant to Federal Realty. “Federal Realty’s retail spaces are located in the best markets in the country and our projects are recognized as the places to be because of the environments and experiences that they offer. We are surrounded by new and raw talent, many of whom may be the success stories of tomorrow or the next wave of retail or innovation that can thrive at our properties, through this program and with this team. This partnership is an exciting way to augment the various channels we use to reach this amazing talent and tomorrow’s trends,” says Mike Kelleher, VP of specialty leasing at Federal Realty. “When Lynn told me she was working with entrepreneurial students, a number of women’s organizations, and specifically with women of all ages whose customers needed to see and touch their products, I knew we had found a great partner. Together we can break down any perceived real estate hurdles.”

Federal Realty and Campus Scout have begun marketing the partnership and real estate opportunities within Campus Scout’s partner and applicant program and while initial efforts will be focused around the San Jose and Boston markets, both hope to see the formula replicated across the country in the near future.