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InteLease and Box Skills: Enhancing Lease Documents with AI

If you work in the commercial real estate industry, you know how time-consuming it can be to review legal documents such as contracts, investment offerings, or leases. It’s a daunting task, even if you want to find just a few key provisions. Now scale the tedious work to entire teams, who are spending valuable time […]

Federal Realty To Offer Pop-Up Space Opportunities To Entrepreneurs Across Its Portfolio

Federal Realty Investment Trust recently revealed an exclusive partnership with Campus Scout, a New York-based recruiting and career coaching firm that focuses primarily on recent college and university graduates and women entrepreneurs across the country. The partnership will match Federal Realty’s well-positioned real estate with new or emerging talent that is looking to launch a […]

Is the Restaurant Industry Poised to Change with Robotics?

Miso Robotics, an innovative leader in robotics and artificial intelligence solutions, recently revealed that it had secured approximately $3.1-million in funding from Acacia Research Corp., Match Robotics VC, and undisclosed strategic investors. According to a prepared statement, Miso will use the funding to deliver ‘Flippy,’ its first commercial product, an adaptable AI-driven robotic kitchen assistant […]

Reimagining a Property in a Digital World

Arup, the global design and consulting firm for the built environment, recently issued a report, “Reimaging Property in a Digital World” which revealed how digital technology is beginning to reshape the property sector, changing the way buildings are designed, built, and used. According to Fiona Cousins, PE leader of Arup’s sustainability team in New York […]

Survey Says Property Managers Are Paying More for Technology

BillingTree, the leading payment technology provider, recently revealed key findings from the latest report in its ‘2017 Operations and Technology Survey’ series. The survey, which targeted community association and property managers, found 50% of respondents plan to implement additional payment solutions in 2017 suggesting that firms view adopting technology as a way to streamline efficiencies. […]

Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Drive Savings Over the Next Five Years

Real estate is a cost for nearly every business, whether leasing, owning or managing and process automation from AI offers a tremendous opportunity to lower costs associated with commercial real estate, especially those associated property management. That is according to a recent article from TechEmergence. According to the article, there are three ways AI can […]

AI-Enabled Drone Technology Unveiled to Keep Real Estate Agents Ahead of the Curve

San Francisco-based Chime Technologies, an operating system for the real estate industry, recently unveiled two new major innovations along with its one-year anniversary. The launch of the game-changing features—an AI-enabled smart dialer and a fully autonomous drone—reflect Chime’s journey to become a complete operating system that transforms the business of doing real estate by integrating […]

Artificial Intelligence, Impacts and Opportunities for the CRE Sector

According to a recent white paper distributed by Avison Young, although computer technology and robotics have been around for more than 60 years, their increasingly pervasive presence in the workplace is creating significant shifts in the way that mainstream work is getting done. Accordingly, these shifts are placing new demands on the space in which […]

Mortenson Creates Augmented Reality App for Construction Visualization

After pioneering the use of virtual design in construction, Mortenson Construction has developed a first-of-its-kind augmented reality mobile app to help the University of Washington community “see” the future CSE2 computer science building—well before its doors open to students in January of 2019. Similar to the popular Pokémon Go, users can either point their smartphones […]

How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact the Retail Banking Sector?

Artificial intelligence is anticipated to make a significant impact on the retail banking sector, such as using non-traditional data types to assign credit ratings to potential borrowers. That is according to research and consulting firm GlobalData. The company’s recent report explains how technologies such as machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing are already […]